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Yamaha V-Max: one of the fastest motorbikes

Are you looking for a very fast motorbike that you can use for racing or even for a relaxing trip? The Yamaha V-Max, introduced in 1985, is one of the fastest machines on the market. The term V-Max means Velocitus Maximus. This is a heavier motorbike that is not recommended for beginners. Instead, this is a solid engine made for experienced bikers who are looking for speed to increase the pleasure of riding a motorcycle. Since its introduction, this model has remained a good seller. Many people assume that V-Max is identical with the highest speed.

The most prominent feature of the V-Max is the V-Boost, which increases power to 800 RMP. There are four lower shaft carburetors that feed the cylinders. Each is separated by a butterfly valve. The amount of power added by the V-Boost to a motorcycle is something that other hot rod models cannot offer. This feature also allows V-Max to accelerate quickly and smoothly.

The first V-Max in 1985 offered 145 HP and V-Boost. It came with a 1200 CC V4 engine. This model was only introduced in the United States.. Yamaha launched a slower version in 1986 for Europe and France, offering 104 HP. European models do not show V-Boost. The design changed slightly in 1990, including digital electronic ignition. This is the first year V-Max is offered in Japan. Changes to European models must be made because more stringent noise restrictions apply.

In 1996, Yamaha decided to switch to the black exhaust system. It was not accepted and expected, so the design changed to Chrome for the 1998 model.

While some motorcycle enthusiasts consider that the V-Max is too strong for their taste, those who have it are very proud of their motorcycle. The V-Max Owners' Association brings together thousands of members from all over the world. They also schedule rallies and motorbikes for their members.

Yamaha V-Max also found its way to the heart of endurance racing. Many competitors find that this motorbike offers them a great chance to win because it is fast and reliable. It is not uncommon to see modified V-Max bikes in major competitions, recording speeds of more than 200 miles per hour in a quarter of a mile.

Yamaha V-Max has been the best-selling motorbike since its introduction in 1985. Just by looking at the bike, you can see the power behind the design. Black and chrome give it a very muscular look. For some V-Max owners the only drawback. There is no originality in terms of motorcycle colors. However, many V-Max owners have increased their ownership to make it unique.

This has been done by adding a different exhaust system and plugs. Some even add small stickers to areas that include crossbones or other images. Others choose to replace the factory mirror with a shorter and stronger version. Other consumers complained that the chair was uncomfortable for long trips and chose to change it to a softer and wider seat.

If you are looking for a hot rod motor that is durable and fast, then check out the Yamaha V-Max. The 2007 model looks as hot as ever, and the speed is still above what you will find among many motorcycle competitors. The most important change for 2007 is that the model will move away from its distinctive appearance in black and chrome. Instead, it will show red with white.

"Yamaha has made a historical product with a V-Max motorcycle, and because for more than 20 years, this motorbike has been considered by the public as the hottest dubbed bicycle on the market.". It has been proven to provide everything from appearance to performance on the road. Perhaps the biggest surprise of all is the moderate price of this high-performance motorbike, which starts at around $ 12,500. Yamaha also offers a full one-year warranty.

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